Specialty Grains

  • 1 lb. Simpson's CaraMalt


  • 9.3 lbs. Gold LME

Boil Additions

  • 1 oz. Nugget (60 mins)
  • 1 oz. Fuggle (30 mins)
  • 1 oz. Kent Goldings (10 mins)
  • 1 oz Fuggle (1 min)

OG =

All I can say about this brew is that I'm glad it ended up tasting remotely like beer. The reason I say this is due to the fact that in the middle of the boil, the tornado sirens went off, and I had to shut down the burner and head into the house till the storm blew over. This meant that all the boil timings were way off. Because of this, it became much more hoppy than I would have liked. It's okay now, but I'm still waiting for it to mellow out a bit. I'd like to try it again sometime when there are no tornados around.