Well I knew I was going to be doing a bit of work today, but I didn't anticipate spending the entire day working. At work, we're retiring an old fileserver and replacing it with a shiny new Dell PE2650. As far as systems administration go, this task is about as simple as it gets. Last week, I set up an rsync script to run every few hours that would sync the new fileserver with the old one. Theoretically, this was supposed to save me time today, as I should have just been able to do one last sync, remove the shares on the old server, create shares on the new server, set permissions, change the login scripts, and voila! New server!

Things didn't go exactly as planned - I discovered that the rsync binary I was using on the windows box apparrently doesn't support the --delete option. This means that while all new file additions/changes were getting copied over correctly, when files were deleted, they weren't getting deleted on the new server. This pretty much meant that I had to delete the two directories on the new server and re-copy everything. We're not talking *huge* amounts of data here...something in the neighborhood of 80GB. This normally wouldn't take very long, but the old server has a 350 MHz processor and a very slow disk array. Hence, the files have been copying since about 1:00 this afternoon. Eight and a half hours later, we're not done, and I estimate it has about three hours to go. Bah!!!

Thankfully, no one was at work today, being a national holiday, so (hopefully) no productivity was lost. Yep - I'll be up burning the midnight oil finishing things up, but hopefully the users will notice a big speed improvement tomorrow morning.

As an aside...I'm really glad I'm not working on the Bethel network team today. They've been down all day long...I feel their pain. At least when we have network problems at work, I there aren't 2500 students banging down my door cause KaZAA stopped working. :-)