Now that the fileserver change has been completed successfully, my next task is to get an AMANDA server up and running. AMANDA is a project started by the University of Maryland to help facilitate backing up their servers. When I was at OSCON earlier this summer, I sat in on a class about AMANDA. Like many open-source projects, I had heard about it many times, but had never really given it much thought. After the class, however, I decided I really needed to give it a serious look.

Right now, the backup solution we're using for the windows servers (which is working great) doesn't really play well with the linux boxes...the remote backup agent for linux likes to run for a few days and then go into a zombie state - never to return. So...I decided that since I just retired a fileserver, which happened to be our old backup server, that I'd take the SCSI card out of it along with the Quantum DLT8000 (six tape changer) drive, and attach it to one of my linux boxes here and give AMANDA a try.

I installed the card and attached the tape changer to the linux box earlier today, and was able to get it to detect both the devices correctly. So now's we'll see how I do getting AMANDA configured.