We had a great day celebrating my birthday yesterday...we met my parents at a small private game farm up in Avon, MN (just north of St. Cloud). Since it's not pheasant season yet, we had to go to the game farm. Dakota performed wonderfully, although we had to take frequent breaks to let her cool down. It got up to about 75 degrees, which gets a bit warm for the dogs. We ended up only getting four birds, one of which we weren't able to recover.

After hunting, we met Todd and Dane in St. Cloud for supper, after which we proceeded to a park for the present-opening. I recieved a shiny new set of golf clubs! I used to golf a bit before college, but haven't done it much since then. However recently, I've had a desire to get back into it, so I had mentioned to Meghan a few times that I was interested in getting a set of clubs. Well, she remembered my request, and arranged with the two sets of parents to get me a set of clubs. I'm thrilled! It's gonna be very tempting to stop by the U of M driving range every morning on the way to work :-)

You can see pictures of the day here.