Well I finally rolled out the new intranet at work last night. So far, it seems to be going pretty well. I'm using a wiki-based software package, so I can recruit people from each department to assist with keeping the content up to date. The new intranet also has the typical forum/blog/news features, which have already been useful. The only issues that I have heard about so far were minor permissions issues that I was able to fix easily.

In other news, I just discovered, much to my delight, that Happy Apple is going to be playing at the Artists' Quarter October 1st and 2nd. I'm there! For those of you that have never heard these guys and seen them live, you need to be there. The group consists of Saxophonist Mike Lewis, Bassist Eric Fratzke, and drummer Dave King (of The Bad Plus fame). They're not playing a whole lot anymore due to the success of The Bad Plus and their tour.