Had a great time tonight...got together with our 20's group from church for a pizza-making party to kick off the season. Lots of good fellowship, and there was plenty of geek talk due to the high geek quotient in the group ;-). Joel, Tim, and I scheduled a driving range date on Saturday to test out my new clubs. We'll see how they perform....or....I guess how I'll perform is more accurate. I'm sure the clubs will pull their own weight :-)

Tomorrow and Monday, Dan's out, so I'll get to hold down the fort at work alone. Hopefully nothing will blow up too bad, although I'm not holding my breath, as it seems that one or both of us are usually out of the office when something breaks. The most recent occurrance of that was last Friday when Dan brought me out for a birthday lunch at Krazmarczuks (sp?). When we got back, we discovered that our internet drop had completely tanked about five minutes before we left. At first glance, it appeared that our router was FUBAR, but we eventually discovered that it was a Time Warner issue. They supposedly had an "equipment failure" in their Minnetonka datacenter. Oh well - the problem was resolved quickly...I just hope that it doesn't happen again tomorrow!

In other work news, I'm going to attempt to get Exchange 2003 installed successfully tomorrow at work. We have tried this several times in the past and have been unsuccessful. Yesterday, I recieved a very (potentially) helpful tip from Tim Miller's boss about removing the old Active Directory schema entries that were left from the previous installation attempts. After he mentioned that, it made complete sense to me why the server was getting confused. So hopefully I'll have good luck tomorrow and I won't manage to wipe out the whole AD schema in the process.