Wow - it's been a long time since I've updated. My bad. I guess the new house got the best of me. Things are going well, though. Work is starting to settle down - we had a barrage of new employees the past few weeks, which always makes things crazy. I haven't been able to brew yet, which I'm sad about. I guess other things have been taking priority, which is fine...I just really want to get this Dark Raspberry Stout going :-)

Today was a productive day....I got our (second) dishwasher installed as well as a new disposal. If you remember, I installed another dishwasher about a month ago. Well that one was a Kenmore, and we were very unsatisfied with it. Even if we rinsed off most of the junk off of our plates before putting them in, it still left a ton of schmutz on the I decided to return it and get a Maytag. I ordered the new dishwasher last weekend, picked it up yesterday, and then got it installed today. The first load is currently just finishing up, so I'm excited to see how it performs. The main reason I got a Maytag is that we have one in our kitchen at work, and man, does that thing get abused. People don't even think about rinsing before loading their dishes up into that thing, and I've never seen a dish come out dirty. So we'll see how this goes.

I hope you all are well...I'm out.