What a great weekend. We left after work Friday for Chicago. We arrived at the Skokie Holiday Inn around 1:30 in the morning. Satuday was just beautiful out, so we (Mom, Dad, Todd, Dane, Meghan, and myself) decided to head down to the NPU campus. We spent a bunch of time in the quad throwing the frisbee around. It was great. Saturday night was Kjersten and Mike's wedding, which was held at North Park Covenant Church. I had never been in there, and I really enjoyed seeing the building. The wedding was great - it was officiated by the two Covenant pastors in my family - my Grandpa, who's a retired covenant pastor, and my Uncle Dennis (Kjersten's Uncle), who is a Covenant pastor out in Granby, CT.

We slept in on Sunday and then drove out to Elmhurst to get together with a bunch of Meghan's family that happened to be in town for the weekend. We ordered Greek food from Costas, and it was incredible. We all consumed way too much garlic yesterday :-). After a great afternoon at the Williams' house, Meghan and I unfortunately had to head back to MN. The 7.5 hour trip was made much easier by the incredible Aurora Borialis display we were treated to the entire way home. They were beautiful - dancing across the whole northern sky. What a treat.

That brings us to today...Monday. Yep - it's monday - no denying it. I think it's time for lunch.