Come on - it's the middle of November, for heaven's sake. I have two snowblowers that I'm dying to try out!

In other news, we just ordered one of these for work. Up until this point, we haven't been doing any spam filtering on our mail, and it's high time that we implemented something. We tossed around a bunch of options - Postini, exchange plugins, homebrew de-spaminating, etc, but it seemed like the barracuda device was the best option. Inside, it's just basically an AMD-based PC. It's running some flavor of linux along with spamassassin. It has a ton of very useful features that I'm excited to try out - and I'm especially looking forward to not hearing complaints from everyone about the spam issue. (as a sidenote, I *rarely* recieve spam to my account...perhaps people need to be a bit more careful with where they post their email, but I digress) So anyways - I'm excited. Hopefully the unit will arrive next week and then we can get it set up and running the week after Thanksgiving.

Peace out, y'all.