On Friday, I recieved my new Onkyo home theater system. You can imagine how excited I was get get it home, set it up, and "kick the tires" so to speak. Unfortunately, I couldn't really crank it due to Meghan needing to go to sleep early, but Saturday afternoon I pulled out all the stops. I sorted through my smallish DVD collection, and decided that an episode of Band of Brothers would be a decent test of the system. I decided to put in Part 6, Bastogne, which depicts a bitter winter battle in the forests of Bastogne, Belgium. Hearing it in surround sound for the first time was amazing. I'm really happy with the system, though I'll be even more excited about it when I'm able to get it set up properly in the basement once I finish remodelling down there.

I'm gonna have to have a Band of Brothers marathon soon, I believe.