...is one of the simple pleasures in life.

Which is why we spent the evening yesterday making it!

Two years ago, my Grandparents gave Meghan and I a pair of lefse turners (see the pictures if you're wondering what these are), a Bethany lefse griddle and a lefse-making lesson. So this is the third year that we have made lefse, and it has become a great tradition. Yes - it's a bit messy (flour everywhere) and it's a bit hot (working over a 450° griddle), but it's completely worth it. All in all, we finished at 11:00 last night, and had 43 lefses in the freezer. We'll be bringing some of them out to my family's Christmas gathering this weekend, and I'll be bringing some to my work Christmas potluck next wednesday.

See pictures here. You get to see pictures of me in an apron :-)

I just made my first ever edit on Wikipedia. Check it here.