An excerpt from comp.risks:

Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 08:28:32 -0500
From: Peter G Capek
Subject: French motorist obeys GPS navigation, makes U-turn into traffic

A 78-year-old driver, on a 130 km/h road near Nancy, and not realizing the limitations of the navigation system, turned around when instructed to do so. He and the occupants of the car he collided with were, amazingly, unhurt. Police said this wasn't the first such incident they'd experienced.

Honestly - if this 78 year-old person is careless enough to obey his nav system and do a U-turn on a major freeway, perhaps he should have his license revoked. Seriously - he has no right to be out on the roads. He's lucky that no one got killed.

On a sidenote - if you haven't already, I'd highly suggest you check out the comp.risks USENET group - especially if you're of the....ehem....geek persuation. It's a moderated digest list for the discussion of the risks of putting to much trust in technology, as well as the risks of insecure software development practices. If you don't have access to a proper news server, you can read it on Google Groups.