Well my last update was posted shortly before new years, so I'll start the updates following that...

We were in Kansas City for new years, which was a blast. There were two highlights of the weekend. The first was watching the creation of a short silent film by Michelle, Gretchen, Lindsay and Meghan. They filmed it Friday, and spent saturday in post-production. At some point, I'll post it on my server for y'all to check out. The second highlight was Bill (Jr.) and myself getting to set off a boat-load of fireworks to ring in the new year. I'm really a pyro at heart, so I was giddy as a schoolgirl :-)

Meghan was supposed to work a evening shift on Monday, so we left KC early Monday morning, intending to get back home around 1:00. Well that was not to be. We drove into the world's biggest ice storm in northern MO/southern IA, which succeeded in not only coating the roads w/ a half inch of ice, but also every exposed surface of my car. Needless to say, this delayed us greatly, and we didn't get home until after three o'clock.

Tuesday, a great friend from college, Eric Johnson, arrived. He had some time off before his spring semester @ Trinity Seminary started, and he decided to come up and spend a few days in MN seeing old friends and catching up on his reading. It was a joy having him around for the week.

Fast-forward to friday evening - we had a bunch of our friends from Bethel over, which was a blast. We hadn't seen many of them for a long time, and it was good for them to be able to see EJ while he was in town as well.

Saturday we slept in, made lunch, and then decided to make a "date" out of the afternoon. We went out and picked up the Exteneded edition of Return of the King (yes I know, it's been out for a long time, and I should have long-since owned it). We watched that...it was great, which was no surprise. After ROTK, we went to Saji-Ya for sushi, making use of the gift certificate we got from Todd for christmas. Thanks Todd! It was great.

Sunday was church in the morning, followed by a run to Barnes & Noble for a few cd exchanges. Upon returning home, we set to work on the basement...we got all of the stuff moved out, and I was able to get the rest of the crappy false ceiling down. The rest of the demolition will take \~1 week, and then we'll be on our way to a newly-refinished basement, complete with home theater!

Well that's it for now I guess - peace...