Well this weekend, we'll be (finally) getting rid of our exchange 5.5 server. Much to my chagrin, we're not replacing it with a qmail server. Heck...I'd even settle for sendmail! We'll be upgrading to the latest and greatest of Redmond's "groupware" servers (whatever that means), Exchange 2003.

It'll actually be a really good change. Outlook web access in '03 is *much* better and more stable than in 5.5. Granted, you still need IE to get the most advantages out of it, but that's not exactly a surprise. I guess Microsoft hasn't figured out how to code any web apps without using ActiveX extensively. Oh well.

So today, I switched our Barracuda spam firewall so that it's checking for valid email addresses against LDAP on our DC. That went fine. Tonight, I'll change the email routing so that all SMTP mail will route through the new server. Hopefully that'll go fine (thankfully it's very easy to switch back if something blows up). Fortunately, email is fairly tolerant of outages and such, so if our email is down for an hour or so while we do the upgrade, nothing will be lost.

Today, I also installed an SSL certificate for the Outlook Web Access server, which was fun. I've installed certs in apache countless times, and it's very easy, but I'd never done in in IIS. Surprisingly, with all of the "Install Certificate" wizards and such in IIS, I still found it more cumbersome to do than in apache, where all you have to do is add a few lines to your VirtualHost configuration, send it a HUP, and voila. Oh well.

Stay tuned to see how things end up going with the big migration on saturday.