So I finally got a video capture box set up at work. It's capturing the composite signal from one of our DirectTV recievers, throwing a 1Mbit mp2 compression on it, and then streaming it out multicast. So far, it's working great. Since it's multicast, as many clients can connect to the stream as we desire. Consequently, I've been able to keep tabs on the presidential inauguration throughout the day from my desk (the reciever and vid capture box are both up on third floor). that this is done, I have two slight enhancements that I want to make to the system:

  1. Currently, it's not using the hardware compression chip on the PVR250 card. This isn't ideal. I need to figure out how to let vlc use the hw compression on the card.
  2. Now, if we want to change channels, we need to go up to the third floor. I figure it would be easy enough to throw an IR reciever/transmitter, lirc and a quick and dirty php web interface so that we can change channels remotely. I'll have to price out what the IR transmitter would cost...

That's it for now I guess.

/me goes back to watching foxnews :-)