Well I finally caved in and picked up a Roku SoundBridge last night. A few of my co-workers have them and have been raving about them for a few months. I picked it up at Best Buy, and upon arriving home, it took me all of 5 minutes to get it powered up, connected to my wifi, firmware upgraded, and playing music. Awesome.

I installed mt-daapd on my old-school Pentium Pro 180 MHz file server in the basement a week ago or so. Mt-daapd enables you to share out to iTunes clients from a linux box. The soundbridge is made to discover, via mdns, iTunes and other uPnP shares on the network, so it instantly detected my mt-daapd server. Another plus is that the Soundbridge has an optical digital out, which I put into good use immeadiately. It's amazing how much better the audio quality is using the digital interconnects versus analog.

Anyways - you'll all have to come over to check it out. Have a good hump day, y'all.