(disclaimer: the geek quotient of this post is going to be a bit higher then usual)

It's about time. As of last night around 8:30 or so, we're now completely exchange 5.5-free at work. After migrating everything over to the exchange 2k3 server a few weeks ago, we decided to keep the 5.5 server running for a bit just to make sure everything was working okay. So we're now running on a single exchange 2003 server in native mode, which I'm extremely excited. No more will I have to deal with the Active Directory Connector crap, nor will I have to constantly restart IIS (like I had to on the exchange 5.5 box) due to it losing its head. So for the time being, hopefully I won't have to deal with mail issues. Hopefully.

In other news, I ordered three new 140GB scsi drives that will be put into the old mail server. That box will turn into our new cvs server. The current cvs box is nearly full, and it would be a really bad thing if the cvs server filled up, as that would prevent 75% of the company from doing any productive work. So that means that I need to get this new server up and running, samba/winbind installed, added to Active Directory, and the current 24GB cvs repository moved over in the next, oh, two weeks or so. So that'll make my life interesting for the near future. I'm actually really glad that I work for a company that is so F/OSS-friendly. If I were stuck in a job (like my last job) where FUD forced us (the IS department) to use only windows, I think I'd go insane.