Well this morning was perhaps one of the earliest morning for me that I remember...I answered phones during the 5:30-9:00 shift of the MPR fund drive. Overall, it was a really good experience, and I'll surely do it again....perhaps even for this fund drive, if I'm able to convince myself to get up that early again. My alarm went off this morning at 4. That was pretty rough. On the bright side, I got to drink lots of really great coffee - I'm not sure where they got it from, but I think it was one of the several free-trade coffee vendors in the metro. Also, I met Dale Connelly, which was pretty cool. He wandered into the phone room after The Morning Show went off the air at nine o'clock.

In the 3.5 hours that I was answering phones, I estimate that I took 15-20 calls. So I wasn't busy the whole time, but just enough to keep me awake :-). The only out of the ordinary call that I took was from a guy that sounded like he was high on some sort of narcotic and was calling from what sounded like a pet store. The guy actually made a very generous contribution, and was *very* enthusiastic about The Current, but man, he could hardly put a sentence together. Oh well. I'm glad he called in to contribute.

Well I had better get back to work...have a great friday, everyone!