I was reading a discussion on Slashdot tonight about how Wikipedia is planning to release a DVD version of their article database. Some guy on slashdot made a rather hilarious comment about why the German version of the DVD will be smaller in size then the English version:

Deutche has an amazing built-in fractal encoding scheme. For example, the German version may say:


whereas the English version has to write out:

Shortly after September 11, 2001, the United States attempted to rally its allies for a strike against the presumed Al-Queda stronghold in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the RAR algorithm averages a 3% compression ratio on German text, in comparison to 82% for English and 94% for French - it's like bzipping a .gz file. On the other hand, there are significant savings due to the lack of entries on "sweet nothings", "pillow talk", and "Bavarian romantic verse".

I thought his post was extremely funny. Of course, the humor I find in it might just be because it's 0026 hrs, and my brain is 3/4 shut down.

G'nite all.