I just signed us up for residential VoIP phone service through SunRocket. They're a newcomer to the VoIP market, which gives me some caution, but they have an incredible deal going on now that I couldn't resist. \$199/year for unlimited local and unlimited long distance calls. That works out to roughly \$17/month. The SunRocket service includes every feature you can think of - including a free second phone number. We're currently paying Qworst \$23/month for basic service and no long distance, so you can see how the \$17/month deal was tempting. Oh, and also, I found a promotional code online which got me a 2-handset expandable Uniden phone system for free along with the service.

SunRocket has a great no-nonsense policy. If, during the first 30 days, we decide that we don't like the service, they'll refund our whole payment. After the first month, if we decide to cancel, that's cool - they'll refund us at a rate of \$17/month for the rest of the contract. No startup fees, no cancellation fees.

Initially, I just chose two random phone numbers to go with the service. If we decide to switch over completely, they're able to port our current 763 area code number to their service, which is bigtime.

I should recieve the equipment next week sometime. I'll keep you posted.

Edit...here are some reviews on the service. As you'd expect, there's some good and some bad. I'll withhold judgement until I can see for myself.