So there was just an article posted on slashdot with the title "Google Might Dissappear in Five Years". Nooooooo!!!!! How would we function on the web without Google?

Well then I read that the comment was made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. In case you didn't know, Microsoft has put themselves up to the task of becoming Google's number 1 competitor in the internet search market. There's obviously a conflict of interest there, don't ya think? Anyways, you gotta commend MS for their business decisions - they make a *ton* of money. (edit...Okay - yes, their business practices are sucky. Thanks to EKM for giving me a good dopeslap) My commendation stops there, however. I'm frequently amazed by the outright nasty marketing tactics they use. Ballmer's most recent utterance is only one example. Another was when, a few weeks ago, "Chief Software Architect" Gates (uh-huh) boldly claimed that the iPod would be dead in a few years. Where are these guys coming up with this stuff? Seriously, MS must have a large cube-farm's worth of marketing droids that sit around all day thinking of ways to discredit competitors. Okay - that's all I have to say about that...for now.

/me wanders off to get coffee.