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So unless you haven't heard, there were two people in the plane that flew into restricted airspace surrounding Washington, D.C. last week. One was Jim Shaeffer, a flight instructer, and his student, Troy Martin. Martin had less than 30 hours of flight time under his belt when the incident occurred. At no time during the whole ordeal, did Shaeffer do his duty as the instructor to take control of the plane back from his student to remove them from the situation. Nor had Shaeffer satisified several prerequisites needed to carry passengers. I, for one, have zero sympathy for this guy, and I hope he is never able to get his pilot's license back. Sorry if I sound harsh, but geez.

Oh, and by the way, from what I can tell from the article, when the plane got lost, they were \~40 miles away from where they thought they should be. I wonder how in the world that's possible with today's GPS technology.