So last night, on a whim, I went to see Put Down the Muffin at Mario's Keller Bar with my brother Todd. The bassist for PDTM's name is Bruce Balgaard. He's the former worship leader at Open Door, and I've played with him several times at church, so I've know for a while that Bruce is an incredible musician. PDTM is a quartet - drums, keys, bass, electric guitar. Their genre can best be described as acid jazz funk. Several of their songs are very MMW-esque. So anyways, the show was an absolute blast. They were able to strike a rather good balance between intense funk, soaring solos, and abstract interludes. I'll surely be checking them out again soon.

P.S. Their first CD, "The Rest of Right Now", is in my iTunes for those of you that are interested. (sorry to all non-logic employees). As is usually the case with this type of music, the CD doesn't do them justice. You gotta hear 'em live.

Edit: Last night, Bruce was playing a gorgeous Bogart bass guitar. Sorry, I can't find a link to the manufacturer of Bogart basses right now. The only thing I know about bogart is that they're in Germany, and that they make (very expensive) custom carbon-fiber basses.