Well I successfully installed new front rotors in Meghan's car this evening. Feels great to do stuff like that, cause you know that if you brought it to the shop, you not only would have to pay shop labor costs (\~\$70/hour), but they'd likely talk you into replacing the pads, rotors, and calipers as well. You'd be out \$300 before you knew it. The rotors I put on tonight cost \$30 apiece. Whammo.

I started the process on the passenger side (no reason). It was well rusted on, so I had to go at it with a cylinder of MAPP gas for around 30 minutes before the rust let loose. After that, it went smoothly. I had that wheel finished within another 15 minutes, then proceeded to the driver's side. That one, thankfully, came right off, and I completed that side in about 20 minutes. Later tonight (after buffalo chicken on the grill) I'll take 'er for a test drive to make sure that 1) the brakes work and 2) the wheels don't fall off.