My friend Clint just relayed a rather funny story to me over IM about his experience last night:

Read on for the full story...

(13:35:53) Clint: I had a decent sized mini-keg explosion last night.
(13:36:18) Clint: I was playing poker at Ryan Weak's house.
(13:36:24) Clint: and I brought along 2 minikegs.
(13:36:34) Clint: 1 was almost empty and another one which was full
(13:36:56) Clint: I was playing poker, but there were a couple of guys that had already been knocked out - one of which was Leroy.
(13:37:03) Clint: The first mini-keg was empty
(13:38:11) Erik: okay
(13:38:17) Clint: phone
(13:45:21) Clint: I was in the basement and the minikegs were upstairs.
(13:45:34) Clint: Leroy asks me, "How do I switch this over to the other keg?"
(13:46:01) Clint: I tell him that you just pull out the dispenser and push it into the new one - it's really not that complicated - it's a friction fit.
(13:46:17) Clint: so we keep playing poker and Leroy takes care of the keg.
(13:46:30) Clint: All of a sudden we hear the minikeg explode.
(13:46:37) Clint: There was beer everywhere.
(13:46:38) Erik: oh man
(13:46:51) Clint: literally 4 walls of the kitchen and Leroy was SOAKED.
(13:47:01) Erik: ha
(13:47:19) Clint: He had pushed the dispenser into the new keg, but hadn't gotten it in the last inch - there's like a ridge thing that you have to push it over.
(13:47:27) Clint: He had then pumped it full of CO.
(13:47:28) Erik: right
(13:47:31) Erik: haha
(13:47:40) Clint: the dispenser shot off and beer blew everywhere.
(13:47:51) Clint: probably about 1/4 to 1/3 of the keg.
(13:47:56) Erik: dang
(13:47:58) Erik: what a mess
(13:48:05) Clint: yeah
(13:48:24) Clint: Leroy was so wet that he borrowed some clothes from Ryan and threw his in the washing machine.
(13:48:28) Clint: Soaking wet.