The doorbell rings...I's a young-ish guy. I think to myself, " we go." He introduces himself, explaining that he's part of a program called NCA (National Career Awards or something). As an aside, I find it interesting that I can't find NCA's website. Back to the topic at hand - he goes through his spiel: he's trying to gain "points" through selling magazine subscriptions . If he gets X number of points, he gets \$5k for college. And....the top two salespeop....whoops...fundraisers in the country get a trip to Europe. After waiting patiently through his pitch, I explain that no, we're not really in the market for any subscriptions. I also explained that after our tithe, our extra cheritable money goes towards supporting several missionaries abroad. At that, the kid turns around and mutters under his breath, "Well - college isn't important anyways." LART!!!

As he was walking away, I said, "Excuse me?". His only response was something like, "Have a good evening, Sir."

He needs to work on his salesmanship a bit.

Kids these days...friggin'.