Okay - now that I'm home, I'll post more details (and pictures). This race is a ton of fun. Here how the evening went...Jemiah started the race at 5:00 w/ a LeMans-style start, which means that the riders all have to run a set distance (in this case it was up and down a big hill) to their bikes. This helps thin out the crowd of bikes at the start of the race. Jemiah said this run (especially the downhill leg) was quite interesting due to the fact that all the bikers only had bike shoes on, not proper running or trail shoes. Anyway, Jemiah ripped through the first lap in a little over an hour, and was followed by Mikee riding "Green Hell". "Green Hell" is an oldish Raleigh mountain bike w/ no suspension to speak of. Mike valiantly tamed Green Hell through his first lap, not letting himself be beaten down by the lack of suspension. After Mike was Peter, who finished his first lap in just over an hour as well. Finishing off the rotation was Erik, who during this lap, would get to test out his flippin' sweet homebrew lighting rig for the first time. After seeing Mitchell off, Jed and I left for the evening. We'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning to cook breakfast for the crew, and will be there throughout the day.

Here are the pics from tonight.