The slowness of the relief response has been taking a ton of flak the last few days. I believe some of this griping is warranted...however, as was pointed out by an interfviewee I just heard on MSNBC - the relief efforts are, at best, only 24 hours behind schedule. Take this into consideration:

  • Monday - nothing could move - the hurricane was still making its way through the area, and things were locked down.
  • Tuesday - Staging areas, deployment areas, transportation routes all needed to be cleared before equipment could be moved in to start relief efforts.
  • Wednesday - Trucks, helicopters, military vehicles arrive at staging areas as well as the food, water, and supplies they'll be delivering.
  • Thursday - supplies start to make their way into the city.

I am, in no way, trying to minimize the trauma NO are going through. It sucks bigtime. I'm just making the point that they're not all *that* behind schedule. Think about it - all of the trucks that are now delivering supplies around NO. They couldn't have been pre-staged around the city, otherwise they'd all be wrecked, looted, and/or floating away now. If there wasn't the violence/shooting issue in NO currently, I believe that this relief effort would be further along. Yes, FEMA, DHS, etc *should* have been better prepared, and after seeing their rather un-coordinated response, I call into question the leadership of those orginazations. In all honesty though, I'm not sure that in this case, with different leadership in place, the situation would be much different.

Just my \$0.02.