Sprint's slowly rolling out their high-speed EVDO service in the area. Currently, they only have EVDO turned on in the central metro corridor, but it sounds like they'll have the whole metro area lit up by the end of Q1, '06. I ordered one of their EVDO pcmcia cards today, and am very excited to see how it performs. Currently at work, we have 2 of the 1xRTT data cards, which work well, but are *very* slow. Word on the street is that the new EVDO cards are getting about 700kbit sustained, burstable to 2mbit. It would be pretty incredible if that were true. That's more than enough to stream internet radio while in the car :-). Sure, the latency will still be quite bad, (probably not quick enough for gaming), but it's not to hard to deal w/ that for normal day-to-day work.