Well I've learned a ton about restoring data to exchange 2003 servers in the last 24 hours. I recieved word yesterday morning that a rather crucial employee at work was missing a large chunk of their "Sent Items". Luckily, we have backups going back far enough that I wasn't worried about getting the data back. The problem was that since upgrading to Exch2003, we hadn't had to restore anything yet. Well to make the story very short, MS really did it right this time. Basically you create a "Recovery Storage Group" in exchange. When you run the restore from tape, exchange automatically routes the restored data to the recovery database, which you can mess around with, extract data, etc, without affecting the production exchange database. Previous to exchange 2003, restoring data was a major ordeal, usually requiring us to build up a second exchange server which we'd run the restore to. Major pain. End of the story - the user will be getting his data back tomorrow morning, and I learned a ton about exchange disaster recovery :-)