I finally got around to perfecting the traffic shaping rules on my m0n0wall firewall box. As many of you know, I use Sunrocket's VoIP service, which works great except for when I'm doing any sort of large file upload. When this happens, the voice packets get delayed due to the large amount of upstream traffic, and hence, voice starts cutting out and sounding like a bad cellphone connection. Anyway, with the new traffic shaping rules, the m0n0wall box is able to take all of the upload (and download) traffic, and re-prioritize it. So...I've set up rules to give packets to and from my VoIP box the highest priority. The difference this change makes is quite remarkable.

To test the rules, I started a large download *and* a large upload, then called my work number and left myself a voicemail. I did it once with the shaping rules disabled and then again with the rules enabled. You can hear the results:

Without shaping and with shaping.

Here are the rules I currently have in place if you're really interested.