Meghan and I decided to take a trip down to Ikea and hugedale after church yesterday. Unbeknownst to us was the fact that Ikea was having its 20th Birthday party sale (15% off everything) and the place was mobbed. The Bloomington PD was out in force to direct traffic. Crazy. I'm guessing that this is their "Clear everything out so we can restock for Christmas shopping" sale. Anyway, we were hoping to find a sconce for the baby's room. That didn't happen, but as usually happens when you visit Ikea, you end up purchasing a bunch of other stuff. After shopping, we enjoyed the requisite swedish meatballs and lingonberry supper that must accompany each trip to Ikea. Man, I can't get enough lingonberries.

After standing in line for nearly 20 minutes (gag), we were finally able to check out and head across the street to hugedale. Fortunately, we only had one quick objective for this stop (picking up a few candles @ the Yankee Candle store), so we were in and out quickly. I don't like to spend any more time in the MOA (nor any other mall for that matter) than I have to.

In other news, things at work continue to be quite crazy. For the past two months or so, it's felt like I could stay at work 24 hours a day and still not get everything done. Thankfully, the management of the company are _very_ reasonable, and as such, don't expect me to spend 24 hours a day there. I need to remind myself more often how thankful I am to be working for such a great company. Since graduating from college, I've only worked at two places...two places which are polar opposites of each other. At my first job, I was the "new hotshot college grad". How could he know anything about computers, huh? I was ignored, treated poorly, and disrespected on a daily basis. Fast forward to the fall of 2002, when I get a call from Mark, informing me that his employer was hiring. Having quit my previous job a few months previous to his call, I jumped on the opportunity. I was hired at Logic and haven't looked back since. Ever since the first day I worked here, I have been encouraged, challenged, affirmed, and generally respected in a way that was completely foreign to me, coming from my previous job. I know, without a doubt that the Lord provided this job for me. I don't think I realized that when I was hired three years ago, but I surely know it now. I hope that the time I have spent here has been fruitful, and I pray that it continues to be for years to come.