I've been following the Paris riots for the last few days, and then today, saw the headline that violent rioting has broken out in Argentina, the site of the Americas Summit 2005. Why do these people always have to turn to violence? I may be naïve in saying this, but don't they lose a ton of credibility when they start destroying "innocent" property?

Yes - it's horrible that the kids in Paris were killed, and yes, Bush's economic policies haven't been of much benefit to the people of Central America. Should that give them an excuse to destroy others' property? Heck no. It seems as if, in any population, there exists a subset of people who look for any excuse to "get dirty". Once an occasion like the Paris debachle or the Americas Summit comes along, they see their opportunity, and go wreak havoc.

If they organized themselves in a non-violent fashion and spoke with their leaders in a civil fashion, I believe they'd be able to get their point across much better.

Then again, maybe I'm completely out of touch with reality.