Since my first attempt at making a hard cider turned out very well, I decided to take another hack at it. This time, the recipe's a bit different:


  • 4.75 Gallons store-bought apple cider (cub brand)
  • 4 Cans Welch's Frozen White Grape/Raspberry Juice
  • 2 Cans Old Orchard Frozen Cranberry Juice


  • White Labs 570 - Belgian Golden Ale


  • 11/18/05 - Gave a 1-minute shot of oxygen and pitched yeast at 8:00PM. OG 1.060.
  • 11/19/05 - First signs of fermentation at 1200 today. Thin coat of foam covering the top of the cider at 2000.
  • 11/20/05 - At 1850, all the kreusen is gone, but fermentation is still roaring away. It's bubbling about once every second and a half or so.
  • 12/6/05 - At 2130, racked to secondary. Current gravity is 1.006, making the current ABV 6.8%. Tasted pretty good, though there is still a ton of suspended yeast that skew the taste of the cider.
  • 03/24/06 - Bottled. Used 3/4 cup of corn sugar to prime. FG = 1.002, making this puppy 7.6%. Not too bad.