I'm not sure if any of you have heard these adverts recently, but one of the current sponsors of MPR is Celsius LLC. The long and the short of it is that they're a matchmaking orginazation dedicated to helping financially secure, single, educated, urban, liberal non-smokers who are over 30 meet each other with the goal of finding a long-term mate. Like my post title says, do we honestly need any more exclusivity in our society? Seriously. What does this say about the current state of our culture when organizations pop up just to help people find friends who are *exactly* like themselves? Ugh - it makes me cringe each time their name is read on the air. If there's anything I've learned during my post-college years living here in the cities, it's that there is great enjoyment to be had from meeting, engaging, and spending quality time with people who are nothing like I am.

To further my point, I give you a direct quote from their website:

Because we are confident that kind, empathetic, open-minded people tend to prefer other kind, empathetic, open-minded people, we have decided to limit the membership to people of the liberal ilk – the very people who are most likely to possess these traits in combination.

That really angers me. I've known many people "of the liberal ilk" throughout my life. Yes, many of them were very open-minded, kind, etc., but just as many of them were very egotistical, closed-minded, and standoffish towards anyone other than their liberal kinfolk. Maybe I'm being to harsh here, but for them (Celsius) to make that comment implicitly shows their close-mindedness and prejudice against anyone who doesn't label themselves as a liberal.

Am I off-base?