Last night, my mom (graciously) volunteered to come out and watch Bjorn for an evening so Meghan and I could go out for an evening. We took her up on the offer. When presented with a free evening to go out on a date, we usually have a difficult time deciding what restaurant to try. There are so many incredible non-american restaurants in the area! The Blue Nile restaurant in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis had been recommended to us several times, but we had never had a chance to check it out until last night. One word: Amazing.

The Blue Nile serves up Ethiopian fare, which neither Meghan nor myself had ever tried before. Everything is served family-style on a huge piece of Injera (also called Biddeena), which is used to scoop up your main entree[1]. As is usually our custom when visiting a restaurant for the first time, we got a sampler platter so that we could taste a good variety of the restaurant's offerrings. Ethiopian food typically takes on the form of a thick stew - quite spicy and incredibly full of flavor. The sampler platter we ordered had lamb, beef, chicken, cabbage, lentils (three different kinds), and chickpeas (three different kinds as well). The food was incredible, and both of us were pleasantly surprised by how much we were enjoying ourselves. As a bonus, they had (among other things) several Belgian Ales on tap - out of the three available, I chose to partake of the venerable Delirium Tremens. :-) Gotta love that name. More and more lately, I've been getting into Belgians, and I appreciated the opportunity to try out DT, as I'd heard it recommended several times.

So anyway, I'd highly recommend the Blue Nile - we'll certainly be going back again soon.

[1] I think more restaurants should do the family-style thing. There is something unifying about having everyone at the table eat off of the same large platter.