Last night I successfully installed the new T1 card in our work PBX, made my first T1 crossover cable, and connected it to the asterisk box.  This morning (after the midnight phone system reset which was needed to make the T1 card fully-functional), I was able to successfully get the T1 link up between the two systems.  The process of getting the link up actually went much easier than I had planned - just a matter of getting the framing (esf), coding (b8zs) and line build-out (0 db) set correctly on both ends of the line.  So now that the link is up, all I need to do is wade through our PBX management software and figure out how to create a new extension group and route those extensions through to the asterisk box.  Lemme tell you - after going through this process, I know *tons* more about legacy telco stuff than I ever wanted to know ;-)