I'm officially the owner of an OTA HD receiver now.  I picked up a Voom receiver, which, at one point, Voom customers would have used to get HD satellite service.  Now that Voom is defunct, the receivers are being used by people for their included OTA HD receiver.  I decided to go HD due to the horrible quality of the basic (analog) cable service we'd been experiencing as of late.  We don't own an HDTV, but figured that the HD signal (even when down-sampled) would have to be higher-quality than what we had been getting.  I'm certainly pleased with the results...I'm quite close to the Shoreview Towers, so I didn't even need the "official" HD antenna I bought.  With just a little wire whip antenna, I was able to pull in all the local HD channels with between 95-100% signal strength.