My sister-in-law Michelle is currently a sophomore at Cornerstone University, so this article (on Scot McKnight's blog) really caught my attention when it came across my RSS aggregator. Though the details aren't exactly clear, it appears that Cornerstone fired a recent hire in their IT department on account of his Catholic faith. The man that was fired, Tony Graves, fully disclosed on his application that he attended a Catholic church. They hired him anyway. Shortly after his hire, they (re)discovered that he didn't attend a "biblical, evangelical" church and informed him that he must change his church affiliation or be canned.

I could see this being a big deal if this person were to be a theology professor or whatnot. But an IT employee? Give me a break. Who gives CU the authority to judge the character and faith of this guy whose church's services might look a bit different than the "typical" CU employees'? The summary of my feelings on this issue are expressed very succinclty by one of the commentors at the bottom of Scot's blog entry:

The school expresses by this policy; if your worship doesn’t look the same, and your prayer doesn’t sound the same, and your experience of God is not the same, then it is not legitimate.

I am disgusted and saddened.

I guess that I should respect the fact that this is CU's policy, but it sure seems like they could have shown a bit more grace in this matter.