Yesterday we received, at work, a new server which will soon be tasked with running a high-load, SQL query intensive application. It's a Quad-Intel Dual Core 2.66 GHz machine w/ 8GB of RAM and two 280GB RAID10 arrays. Since each of the 4 CPUs are dual-core, there are a total of 8 cpu cores to crunch through data. The catch, though, is that each of the cores are hyperthreading-enabled, so each of them shows up as two processors to the operating system. You do the math...the operating system thinks that it's running on a 16-way system. I'd love to be running linux on this beast, as I believe you could squeeze quite a bit more raw processing power out of it...unfortunately, the application destined to run on this server is windows-only (for the time being). Nevertheless, geeks like myself seldom get to play with hardware as powerful as this, so I enjoyed myself immensely.

See this picture for a graphic illustration of the 16 CPUs.