Nickel Creek

Last night we were privileged with the opportunity of seeing Nickel Creek perform in the Great Hall at Bethel. I've been listening to Nickel Creek for a crazy long time, and this was my first time seeing them play live. Wow. What a killer concert. Sara, Sean, and Chris were joined by an upright bassist for the evening. They played a great variety of tunes from their three CDs as well as a few unexpected covers as well. Here's the show setlist (thanks to Chasman on the NC forums for this):

  1. Why Should the Fire Die
  2. Scotch and Chocolate
  3. This Side
  4. Reasons Why
  5. Ode To a Butterfly
  6. Jealous of the Moon
  7. Best of Luck
  8. House of Tom/Short People/Bach Interlude/House of Tom
  9. When in Rome
  10. Somebody More Like You
  11. First and Last Waltz/Helena
  12. Nice Dream (Radiohead cover)
  13. Smoothie Song
  14. Anthony
  15. Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
  16. Stumptown
  17. Fox/Fiddle Tunes, (with Mark clogging)/Fox

...followed by these six encore numbers:

  1. Chris: Solo, Violin Sonata in G moll (J.S. Bach)
  2. Sara: Solo, Pony, (Tom Waits cover)
  3. Sean: Solo, solo tune - title unk.
  4. Mark: Solo, The Falling Waters of Arden (from his new solo cd)
  5. All: Dont Fall In Love with a Drifter (Jimmy Martin cover)
  6. All: When You Come Back Down

From now on, I'll be keeping a close watch on NC's tour schedule and will jump at the chance to see them again. If you're interested in reading more about the concert, a few reviews are posted over in the NC forums. I also took a few pictures...there up here. Sorry about the poor quality - I realized I didn't have my SLR set to spot metering like I should a result, the shutter speeds were much longer than they needed to be, causing some blurring in the pictures. Oh well...lesson learned I guess. I normally would have caught this, but I had turned off the LCD on my camera as to not disturb the people sitting behind me.