For several years, I've been trying to convince web surfers and domain owners that the "www" that prefaces most web addresses is now completely unnecessary. The practice of putting "www" before domain names for web pages was started in the early nineties to help web browsers distinguish HTTP-protocol web pages from other protocols such as gopher, ftp, etc. All modern browsers assume that you want to use the http protocol unless you specify otherwise, so the "www" is not necessary. Unfortunately, the vast majority of corporate marketing departments (probably out of ignorance) are still plugging their respective domain names prepended with www. Along with that is the fact that *many* clueless webmasters/sysadmins out there will only serve up their website of you go to the "www" form of their domain name. Ugh.

Anyway - all that to say that I stumbled across yesterday. They're on a campaign to do away with the scourge that is www. My website now validates as a "Class B" no-www site. This means that if you accidentally happen to visit, you'll get politely redirected to

No-www Class B