It’s a bummer that my first post in a long time has to be a rant, but oh well…it is what it is.

I’m going to be implementing a Blackberry Enterprise Server at work soon to let my blackberry-wielding co-workers get the most out of their phones. As such, I decided that I should probably switch over from my Treo 650 to a blackberry so I have some idea what I’m talking about when I have to troubleshoot for them. So…I received my new blackberry on Wednesday and then yesterday actually ported my sprint phone number over to the new device. Soon after, I started trying to get my email accounts integrated with the phone…I worked at it for several hours last night and an hour or so during the day today and couldn’t make it work. I finally gave in and called Sprint tech support today. I called them around 1:30 (on my drive home). I had a sneaking suspicion that the data services I had on my Treo hadn’t transferred over correctly to the Blackberry, so that was the first thing I asked. The first girl I talked to said yah - data services are turned on for my account and everything looks good. I kept pressing her that it wasn’t working right and she eventually transferred me to the tech support department. I talked with this guy for a while (explained the whole situation again) and after 15 minutes or so, he decided that he’d transfer me to their Blackberry support department. I talked to this guy for 5 minutesor so, explained my situation and suggested that there might be something awry with the data services. He apparrently didn’t like that solution and proceeded to put me on and off hold for the next 30 minutes. Finally, after all this time, he comes back on and says, “Hmm - sir it doesn’t appear that you have data services turned on for this account. Would you like me to turn it on?”.


Seriously…tech support people and their stupid scripts.