...andersonfam.org is back in all its glory and splendor....errr something like that.

The short version is that the OS hard drive of my previous webserver died a very hard death, and I was unable to salvage any data from it. Luckily, most of the data I had on the webserver was stored on a separate hard drive, which is chugging along healthily. The website is mostly back to it's previous state, minus a few comments (due to my lack of adequate db backups) and minus search engine-friendly URLs (I need to figure out how lighttpd's incarnation of mod_rewrite works). I know I won't be able to get the comments back, but hopefully I'll be able to get mod_rewrite under control in the next few days.

Oh - and the other thing I'm changing is the location of my photo gallery. I've moved my pics offsite, over to my smugmug gallery.