da grillz

Just wanted to record this for posterity's sake, as there will, most likely, be no point in the future when I'll own five (count 'em...five!!!) weber grilling/BBQ devices. Here's the roster, from left to right:

  1. 22.5" One-Touch Platinum - stellar craigslist find
  2. Smokey Joe - previous owners of our first house left it in the garage
  3. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - this is the only one of the bunch that didn't come into my possession in a slightly-loved state
  4. 18.5" One-Touch Gold - another craigslist find
  5. Old-School Genesis gasser, ca. 1989 or so - hand-me-down from the parents.

I'll be selling the 18.5" One-Touch Gold tomorrow, so I'll be back down to 4 Webers :-(

Edit: Perhaps I'll add a "1.5" item to the list above - my Weber chimney starter. I've grilled both filet mignon and tuna steaks directly on top of it, so I consider it worthy of inclusion in this list.