Ever since receiving a bottle of limoncello as a Christmas gift from a friend last year, I've wanted to try making it. That dream finally came to fruition this evening. I used Peter's recipe as a base for this batch. As is recommended by the author of Limoncello Quest, I purchased a Microplane Grater to assist with the lemon zesting portion of the process. That turned out to be a really great recommendation. I couldn't imagine trying to zest 15 lemons without it.

For this batch, I also took another piece of advice from Limoncello Quest - I filtered the everclear through a Britta pitcher 4 times. From what I've read, that will take a significant amount of time off the "aging" process.

Like I did for my homebrew entries, I'm going to use this post as a place to keep records on each batch - dates, times, details, reviews, etc.

  • 2008-08-13 - Filtered 2 bottles of Everclear (4 times), added one to jar and set one aside for later in this batch. Zested 15 lemons, added to jar.