I've been listening to (and greatly enjoying) a *lot* of podcasts lately, so I thought I'd share my current subscription list.

  • Speaking of Faith - This is public radio's "conversation about belief, meaning, ethics, and ideas". In this podcast, Krista Tippett performs hour-long interviews with religious leaders, philosophers, and others.
  • Geeks and God - Rob Feature and MF host a really great weekly podcast in which they talk about how we, as Christian geeks, can help our churches and ministries make better use of technology.
  • Lightroom for Digital Photographers
  • Lullabot - Lullabot is, perhaps, the current premier Drupal consulting shop. In this bi-weekly podcast, they discuss what's currently happening in the Drupal world. Apart from the first 10 minutes or so (which usually consists of random chat), the podcast is very informative.
  • The Moth - The Moth broadcasts short stories by various writers, performers, etc, told live, without notes. Without fail, they're incredibly entertaining.
  • Mustardseed Media Video Podcast - Bob Christenson, half of the Geeks and God crew, puts out a short Drupal videocast every few weeks. I've found them to be very helpful.
  • Car Talk - What more needs to be said about Tom and Ray?
  • Planet Money - In response to the ever-quickening rate of change in the current economy, NPR started producing this daily podcast, in which they discuss the day's economy-related news.
  • This American Life - IMHO, this show is *the* single most entertaining, most consistent, and most well-produced hour of audio one could listen to every week. For each episode, Ira Glass and crew pick a topic and bring us a variety of stories on that topic. Yes, it sounds dry and boring, but you *need* to give it a try. I implore you to listen. It's that good.
  • Radio Lab - I love Radio Lab. This is a more science-related podcast produced by the WNYC, the NYC NPR affiliate. It's extremely well-produced (second only to TAL, in my opinion), and they do a great job of explaining some very complicated concepts in a way that non-science people can understand.
  • Woodland Hills Sermon Podcats - I have a great respect for Woodland Hills church, and take a keen liking to the sermons from their senior pastor, Greg Boyd. I listen to this weekly, and it never ceases to challenge me on a very deep level.

So that's my current list. What have you been listening to lately?