1. This is profound

    Pastor Greg Boyd on Mike Huckabee's assertion that we need to amend the constitution to bring it into conformity with "God's standards."

    Bravo, Greg.

  2. Minneapolis Street View nearly here?

    For several weeks now, I've been hearing reports (firsthand and otherwise) of people sighting Google's street view fleet around the area. I just discovered this afternoon that the "Street View" button now shows up when viewing google maps of the Minneapols/St. Paul area:
    [mpls street view][]

    Unfortunately no blue-highlighted roads ...

  3. Interesting advertising tactic

    This ad popped up today in the "Sponsored Links" pane in gmail - it was next to a thread in which barbecued meats were being discussed.
    Do they really think they'll be able to convince people to become vegetarian via an ad placement?

  4. UML --> Xen. Very cool.

    The virtual server that I've been renting from Linode for several years has up until today, been using User Mode Linux (UML) for machine virtualization. Linode recently launched a beta testing program for a new Xen virtual hosting system. I signed up this evening and migrated my server over ...

  5. No title [aguas-de-marco]

    One of my favorite songs in the Brazilian jazz genre is Tom Jobim's Aguas de Março. This song doesn't tell a story in the typical fashion...rather, it's a collection of images (one of which is the "waters of march") that signal the end of summer (Brazil ...

  6. Monospaced font in Gmail

    This is primarily for my own reference. To get a monospaced font in gmail, add this to your firefox userContent.css file:

    div.msg div.mb { font-family: monospace !important; font-size: 12px !important; }

    textarea.tb {
    font-family: monospace !important;
    font-size: 12px !important;

    td.ct {
    font-family: monospace !important;
    font-size: 12px !important;

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