1. Resurrecting the Blog - 2014 Version

    Well sheesh, it's been over four years since the last post on this blog. A lot has happened since then. At some point, perhaps I'll get into that, but for now, let's just get down to business.

    I've been working on some things at work. AWS ...

  2. This is profound

    Pastor Greg Boyd on Mike Huckabee's assertion that we need to amend the constitution to bring it into conformity with "God's standards."

    Bravo, Greg.

  3. Tuesday Rants: DST & RIAA

    First...whomever decided to change Daylight Savings Time (cough, cough, ***head_jerk_towards_washington***) needs to have a stern talking to. I've always thought that DST was stupid, and now added on top of that is the fact that poor Sysadmins like myself all across the country are having to scramble to ...

  4. More pics

    Okay - at the risk of this becoming a "cute pics of the boy" blog, here are a few more recent ones:

    [Bjorn in the grass][]
    Yes...he officially has two front teeth now :-)

    [Almost crawling...][]
    He's been on the cusp of crawling for a week or so now...

    [Bjorn in the grass]: http://andersonfam.smugmug.com/gallery/1799908/1 ...

  5. Daily Reads/Listens

    I find it quite interesting to see lists of what friends are currently reading (blogs/podcasts/books/etc). Here's my list for your enjoyment, organized into semi-coherant categories. Except for the books and podcasts, this is basically a dump of the RSS feeds I subscribe to.


  6. RSS Feed Change

    With the addition of my "Semi-interesting Links" sidebar, you may have noticed that the main RSS feed is getting polluted with my frequent link postings. So...if you don't mind that, there's no need to change. However, if you'd rather monitor separate feeds for the "real" blog ...

  7. Google search rankings

    I recently signed up for Google sitemaps, which allows you, among other things, to get a listing of the top 15 search phrases for your domain and your sites's average ranking in Google's index for those phrases. Here are the results for andersonfam.org (as of March 2nd ...

  8. Comcast accused of blocking VoIP traffic

    Via ZDnet.

    They've apparently started either blocking or turning the QoS way down for Vonage VoIP traffic in some areas. Oh man - if they start blocking SunRocket, I'll be *very* unhappy.

  9. Questionable motives @ CU

    My sister-in-law Michelle is currently a sophomore at Cornerstone University, so this article (on Scot McKnight's blog) really caught my attention when it came across my RSS aggregator. Though the details aren't exactly clear, it appears that Cornerstone fired a recent hire in their IT department on account ...

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