1. New pics

    Attention all...

    At long last, I was finally able to post-process and upload a few pictures tonight. There should be many more coming in the next few days, but until then, these should do:

    A Trip to the park with Grandma Anderson:
    [Bjorn and Grandma][]

    Another trip to the park:
    [Bjorn and Daddy][]

    Bjorn's new ...

  2. Smugmug company portraits, superhero style

    Why I love smugmug:

    [Smugmug Company Portraits][]

    Okay - that's not the only reason :-)

    Honestly, though, these guys know how to run a photo hosting site. Stellar support, incredibly compitent techies, great community, it has it all. It's even a family-run business!

    Anyway - I just thought I'd share this pic. A ...

  3. More pics

    Okay - at the risk of this becoming a "cute pics of the boy" blog, here are a few more recent ones:

    [Bjorn in the grass][]
    Yes...he officially has two front teeth now :-)

    [Almost crawling...][]
    He's been on the cusp of crawling for a week or so now...

    [Bjorn in the grass]: http://andersonfam.smugmug.com/gallery/1799908/1 ...

  4. Pix

    In lieu of posting something with actual textual content, I've decided to post a truckload of pictures I've been wanting to get up for the past several weeks. I've posted albums with pictures from such exciting events as:

    • A picnic in Minnehaha park w/ Aunt Shelly. Bjorn ...

  5. Take that!

    Let the record show that Mr. Bjorn has officially discovered his tongue.


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